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How To Pass A Oral Swab Drug Test



An oral swab drug test or cotton is the easiest and most convenient way to check for cannabis and other drugs. It can be carried out randomly and doesn’t require any particular instruments like that of blood test or urine test. It is also cheaper than other methods of drug testing and most law enforcement agencies or employers stick to this test to keep a check on the employees. A saliva test can be carried out during the hiring process, at random or specifically when employees or coming back from vacations.


Another reason for sticking to a test for drug screening is that the swab drug detection times are far less as compared to other screening methods. It’s done by placing a cotton swab between the gum and the cheek for two minutes and the results comes out almost instantly.

Almost all kinds of drugs can be detected through this saliva drug test method like marijuana, cocaine, meth, opiates, ecstasy and alcohol as well. The longer the drug stays in your system, the greater the chances of getting detected.

The effect of drugs can stay in your body for as long as one week or 6 hours on the minimum, therefore passing a swab drug test requires utmost care and precision. There are several ways that can be adopted for passing such test.

passing a mouth swab drug test


How To Pass a Swab Drug Test


  • Firstly, if you are expecting a drug test, stop taking drugs at least two weeks beforehand to stay on the safe side. Brush your teeth regularly and follow a better diet and improved lifestyle. It’s always better to stay on the safe side and prepare yourself for the upcoming test. You can easily get cleared through it if you have gotten yourself ready.
  • In most cases a drug test is carried out at random therefore it is always imperative to keep a good quality mouthwash at your office desk and use it 20 minutes before the test. This will detox your saliva for as long as 60 minutes and you will be able to pass the screening.
  • Before any drug test try and drink lots of water within 24 hours before the test. This can flush the system both of urine and sweat.
  • Chewing gum will also give you a better chance of passing the test. Apparently people even eat raw onion the morning of a test and they have seen passed results from this.
  • Most importantly, stop taking drugs and try to quit the habit as soon as possible. It will damage your health in the long term and these tips and tricks may not always be accurate to help you pass the test.
  • Mints work great and should be taken a few minutes before any test. If you can try to chew on mints for a full hours beforehand.

A shot of alcohol once in a blue moon is acceptable and alcohol only stays in your body for 6-12 hours so you can manage to clear up before showing up for work. However, other strong drugs can take from 4 days to one week or more to clear out from your body.

So, you should be careful in avoiding such drugs and start taking care of yourself and maintain your alcohol intake in a way that you may not get caught during the test and can pass it easily. Therefore, instead of looking for options on how to pass a oral swab drug test, try quitting and focus on living a healthy more productive life. This forum post also have some good tips to pass the test.