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The 5 Best Classic Stoner Movies


Movies about stoners are often hilarious. How can it be hilarious? Most of the main characters were apparently a stoner which was unable to think clearly. That’s why, he made some foolish actions and decisions which make most stoner movies to be laughable. Some stoner movies are good whereas some others just bas as hell. Fortunately, in here we are going to recommend some good stoner movies which are worth to be watched. From The Big Lebowski until Dude, Where’s My Car? will be included in the list so enjoy!

The Big Lebowski

The most recommended stoner movie of all the time is of course. The Big Lebowski. It is basically the story of a hippie stoner who is Mr.Jeff Lebowski. His appearance is very familiar for those who are living in 90s era. With his bath robe and his couch, this middle-aged stoned loved to play bowling with his friends. However, he was mistaken for Jeffry Lebowski who was a millionaire. This is where the fun part started to happen continuously throughout the movie!

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Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is another hilarious stoner movie which is starring Seth Rogen as the main character. This movie is about the weed business which was gone wrong because of the murder of the weed competitor. Apparently, Dale (performed by Seth Rogen) witnessed the murder and he left the rare joint called Pineapple Express while they were escaping the corrupted cop and the drug lord, the killers. This movie is truly a sequence of hilarious scenes.

Pineapple Express awesome stoner movie


Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle which was launched in 2004 is another must-watch stoner movie. The plot of the story is actually pretty simple where these two stoners were seeking for burgers and munchies which were sold in White Castle, The story tells us about the journey of these two stoners to get to that white castle with lots of funny obstacles. A good movie which will make us laugh all day long.

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If we are looking for a stoner movie with the most absurd story then it is recommended to watch Half-Baked. Although the story is original, knowing the synopsis of the main story of this movie will surely make us laugh hard, I mean real hard. Just imagine a bunch of stoned people were trying to help their friends to get out from the prison. Their friend was imprisoned because he gave junk foods to the diabetic police horse. Surprisingly, the horse dead and he was sent to jail immediately. This is a recommended movie to be laughed due to the craziness throughout the movie.

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Dude, Where’s My Car?

The last recommended stoner movie is Dude, Where’s My Car? Again, this is one of the funniest movie ever made where the main problem of this movie is, of course, the missing car. Two main characters in this movie lost their car after getting stoned at night. While trying to find their car, they found lots of weird things such as stoned dog, transsexual with bag of money, and many other weird things. One of the best stoner movies of all time.

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