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6 Kickass Stoner Snacks For The Muchies



Let’s get down to it. You just ripped a big fat bowl now You’re hungry?  Time to check out some stoner snacks that we all love.


1. Nutella

stoner food

(Source: ourbestbites.com)

The first recommended snack is nutella. Well, who can’t resist the temptation of nutella which everyone love? This stoner food can be an alternative since it is healthy to be consumed and too much nutella won’t kill us. Therefore if you are high as shit, spread some of this on ya toast and chow down.


2. Munchies Mix

cannabis chips

(Source: amazon.com)

The second recommended snack is the Munchies Snack Mix. This tasty snacks can be found in almost every groceries store so you can easily get it.

This snack is both salty and sweet which are known to be the best taste for stoners. The price is also cheap compared to other snacks. Therefore, get all the munchies and place it around your bed while getting high!


3. Funyuns


(Source: fritolay.com)

Funyuns are a recommended snack while we are high. This stoner food is onion flavored hence it will cure a cotton mouth,. If we appear to have it due to smoking to much marijuana. This snack is also very salty with a great taste.



4. Cheetos


(Source: fritolay.com)

Everyone loves Cheetos!. Yes, this snack with cheese flavor is very tasty. It’s basically one of the best snacks all over the world. We can also find Cheetos with many choices of flavors hence we won’t get bored with it. A truly recommended snack for stoners since it is both tasty and and awesome to eat!


Pizza Rolls

pizza rolls while smoking weed

(Source: shopritewine.com)

If you’re still conscious, even a bit, after all the weeds then we can try to make pizza rolls. It’s one of the best inventions of this era where all we need is a microwave to bake it. It’s another stoner food for the highest of stoners.


Top Ramen

noogles for smoking cannabis

(Source: pinterest.com)

The last recommended snack is Top Ramen. Yes, this a huge pack of ramen which can fill our empty stomach in an instance. Put some hot sauce on these bitches to give it that extra taste. The price is very affordable and it can be easily found in every grocery.


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