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How To Beat And Pass Hair Follicle Drug Testing


Anyone who has been through a drug test knows exactly how embarrassing the procedure can be. This mere test has denied otherwise qualified candidates their dream jobs and has further served to complicate existing legal issues. So for hair follicle drug testing, the story isn’t any different. In order to overcome this roadblock, you need to understand the techniques to employ in beating this test. Drug smokers were having a field day due to the fact that the traditional urine and blood test methods were proving less and less reliable. There is still hope due to the many techniques discovered on how to pass a hair follicle drug test.


Why Hair Testing Gaining Popularity

There are a number of reasons why this method is a favourite for many medical researchers. It’s been discovered that this method detects a longer period of drug use, as opposed to the blood or urine methods which only detect short use. Another reason is the fact that a drug hair test is much difficult to cheat, for that very reason that there are no privacy issues involved in taking hair samples from someone’s head. You may have heard of synthetic urine and powders used to cheat the other methods of testing.

What Are The Drugs Tested And Accuracy Rates 

The hair follicle drug test is used for a variety of drugs. The most commonly tested drugs include alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates and nicotine. While a majority of these drugs are accurately tested for an average period of 90 days, there is a difference in the hair cut off level. The fact that hair on different parts of the body grow at different paces is also key in determining the limitations of this drug test method. This method has been known to be more than 99% accurate, can it still be beaten? This method of testing the hair for traces of drugs is very accurate and a bit hard to beat. It not only helps to indicate a positive result of drug use if any, it also helps to establish when and how much of a particular drug was used. We believe it can be beaten as we have tested these drug hair test methods and the results were great. When you are expecting some sort of hair follicle drug testing then it’s best to use the best methods to beat it.


How To Beat The Test Shaving

Because most drug tests are planned it this helps a drug user plan carefully for the test. It takes about seven days for new hair to reach up to the scalp line. This provides the user an ample time to shave and stop taking drugs before taking the test. However, the fatal flaw with this method is that once you walk into the test room with every part of your body looking bald, the testers will start to get suspicious.


Make Use of Hair Commercial Products

There are some commercially available products that most people rely on when they want to achieve desirable results from their hair follicle drug testing. We have suggested the best one on the market to pass the test. The success rate is very high with this product. Beats saving your head right?

this is a great shampoo for hair drug testing


Doing It On The Cheap

You can also try a much affordable home remedy to increase your chances of passing this crucial test. The vinegar rinse home remedy is a popular method. This involves saturating your hair with white vinegar and soaking it with salicylic acid acne treatment.

You should then add a capful of liquid detergent through your hair and add a dash of water to make a paste. You can then rinse all the products out of your hair and dry it. Once this is done use hair conditioner to clean everything. Repeat this up until the day before you take a hair screening test. There is divided opinion on this method as most doctors say it doesn’t work while many users say it does.

So those are the main things you can do is you want to pass. There is one last thing and that’s quit doing and live a healthier life. It’s a known fact that medical cannabis or marijuana if you like can help people in there day to day lives. There is one thing a lot of us face though and that addiction. If you find yourself addicted to cannabis and you come across testing on a regular bases maybe it’s time to stop. You will never have to worry about hair follicle drug testing again.


What’s the hair drug detection time?

The drug detection time for this method of hair follicle testing can vary from about ninety days to as long three years. However, this depends on several factors including the individual’s hair length, the time he/she used the specific drug, and how the test was carried out.


how easy is it to pass hair follicle drug testing kits. I show you what you need to do


Final Words

If you have a test coming up in the next 24 hours then maybe the best bet would be to shave your head if you can. If you have some time I highly recommend the Hard shampoo mentioned above. This has a high success rate and you really have nothing to lose, it’s the most effective way at fooling the hair follicle drug testing guys. If you have any question feel free to ask. The best and quick solution though is to defiantly give the shampoo a try. If you are on a budget you can also the the homemade methods with vinegar.

Keep in mind that we haven’t tested that method ourselves so only use that as a last resort. We have however tested the follicle shampoo and this works a charm! We tested this on 7 of our staff and they all passed. Keep in mind that our staff are aloud to smoke as it’s medical marijuana and legal in our state. We also tested the shaving of the head and let’s be honest, of course that one works because there is nothing to test. If you do go with the shaved head known can hold it against you right? I mean all you need to say is you just got a hair but what a coincidence right? Give some of these things a try and good luck with passing your hair drug testing! If you have any hair drug test questions let me know below.



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