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7 Delicious Mouth Watering Cannabis Baking Recipes


Nothing beats a nice baked meal while stoned! Usually baking consists of scones and cakes etc, not this time.

Let’s look at 7 Awesome mouth watering dishes you can bake in the oven. These cannabis baking recipes are super easy to follow.

This would do down will with Epic Cannabis Smoothie!

1. Chronic Cheesy Potato Fries

Cheesy Potato weed Fries

(Source: emarijuanarecipes.com)

Just Imagine a nice warm chronic plate of cheesy fries. Can you taste it?  Check out the recipe here.


2. Granny’s Smoked Mac ‘N’ Cheese

cannabis baking recipes 2

(Source: buzzfeed.com)

Granny’s cooking! A classic warm Mac ‘N’ Cheese That’s sitting in the oven getting baked. Fulfill those munchies desires. Check it out here.


3. Red Velvet baked Brownies


(Source: emarijuanarecipes.com)

Shit these look epic! Enough said. You need to check out the recipe here.



4. Dope Pineapple Cake

cannabis cake

(Source: hightimes.com)

Well, this looks interesting doesn’t it? A cake with a bit of a tropical twist. Check it out here.


5.Raspberry Peach Cannabis-Cobbler

peach cannabis coobler

(source: weedist.com)

Ok, this one looks delicious! Seriously. Check out the recipe here.


6. Spinach Cannabis Quiche


(Source: weedist.com)

When it comes to cannabis baking recipes this is one you need to try! Check it out here


7.  Homemade Marijuana Pizza

dope pizza

(Source: Eat your cannabis)

Last but not least the humble but tasty pizza! Check it out here






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