Anyone who has been through a drug test knows exactly how embarrassing the procedure can be. This mere test has denied otherwise qualified candidates their dream jobs and has further served to complicate existing legal issues. So for hair follicle drug testing, the story isn’t any different. In order to overcome this roadblock, you need to […]
Movies about stoners are often hilarious. How can it be hilarious? Most of the main characters were apparently a stoner which was unable to think clearly. That’s why, he made some foolish actions and decisions which make most stoner movies to be laughable. Some stoner movies are good whereas some others just bas as hell. […]
  An oral swab drug test or cotton is the easiest and most convenient way to check for cannabis and other drugs. It can be carried out randomly and doesn’t require any particular instruments like that of blood test or urine test. It is also cheaper than other methods of drug testing and most law […]
Nothing beats a nice baked meal while stoned! Usually baking consists of scones and cakes etc, not this time. Let’s look at 7 Awesome mouth watering dishes you can bake in the oven. These cannabis baking recipes are super easy to follow. This would do down will with Epic Cannabis Smoothie! 1. Chronic Cheesy Potato Fries […]
  Let’s get down to it. You just ripped a big fat bowl now You’re hungry?  Time to check out some stoner snacks that we all love.   1. Nutella (Source: The first recommended snack is nutella. Well, who can’t resist the temptation of nutella which everyone love? This stoner food can be an alternative […]
Since the legalization of Marijuana in many parts of U.S, the number of stoners is rising. Stoners are people who use or consume marijuana or cannabis frequently. Being a stoner means that we have a lot of fun with marijuana, either we smoke it or we consume it in other ways. Smoking marijuana seems to be […]